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Our Relocation Packages and Services


At The Helpers we remember that at the core of each relocation are people. That is why all our services are built around that human factor. We offer continuous support for our clients and their families throughout the relocation process to ensure high level of satisfaction.

Service Packages

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List of Our Services

We know that each relocation is a unique challenge. Check our offer and let us know about your own, custom made package or a single service – depending on your circumstances and needs.


Your expectations and first impressions of your new home are extremely important. Our pre-arrival and on-site services provide you with realistic perspective and useful insight to prepare you for your transfer. It also gives us an opportunity to answer all your concerns and questions.


  • Brief call to understand your needs and expectations
  • Island orientation Welcome Pack
  • Practical aspects of daily life in Tenerife
  • Pre-visit
  • Preparation for transfer


Effective sorting out of your new accommodation, whether it is rent or purchase, temporary or long term, requires planning and familiarity of the local market. We offer tailored itinerary focused on your needs to facilitate you finding the right place. For families arriving to Tenerife with children we offer assistance with school search and registration to enroll on time for the next school year.


  • Temporary accommodation
  • Long term accommodation
  • Property purchase
  • School search and registration
  • Connection of the utilities: mobile, internet, water, gas, electricity
  • Travelling with your pet


These services offer assistance with pre-departure tasks like terminating your lease or utility bills. Get in touch with us and we will make sure you travel to your new destination with peace of mind.


  • Lease cancellation and return of security deposit
  • Disconnection of utility bills, internet etc
  • Deregistration with local authorities
  • Coordination of cleaning and repairs in the property
  • Follow up with landlord for deposit return

Legal & Administrative

Compliance with legal requirements can be daunting and time consuming. We help you sort out all your necessary paperwork quickly and hassle-free.


  • NIE number
  • Residence
  • Work permits
  • City Hall registration
  • Social Security number
  • Public health care system registration
  • Opening Spanish bank account
  • Visas
  • Nationality
  • Vehicle import & registration
  • Sworn and regular translations (appointments, meetings etc.)

Settling in

These services offer additional support for you and your new expat life. Wide range of programs for you and your family will speed up your adaptation process and make you feel at home in no time.


  • Vehicle purchase
  • Tenancy management
  • Housekeeping
  • Spouse support programmes
  • Activities for children
  • Private health insurance selection
  • Language programs
  • Cultural training & integration
  • Babysitters
  • Career support
  • Phone support

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